ZenWaterPro is a Multi-Purpose WordPress Theme suitable for a website, blog online stores, online forum, portfolio website, etc. The theme is fully responsive, customizable, with portfolio for showcasing your project ideas, with clients section, testimonials section, team member section. 100% response, easy to use and customizable theme (custom colors, fonts, homepage, header and footer options, enabling or disabling animation appearing effects, etc), built-in Homepage slider, Page Templates (all kind of Slider Blocks, Blocks with Animations, Partial Image Overlay Block, FAQ page, Tabs block page, Page with Gallery, Page with Simple Image Carousel block, Page with Flow Image Gallery, Page with Automatic Slider Block), Blog, Shop, About us pages, Contact page, Mega menu, widgets, WooCommerce and bbPress integration, multiple browsers support, One Click Demo Import, multiple browsers support and much more.

Images in the galleries and sliders can be changed with your own in order to suit your wishes. All blocks are pre-made components and can be easily inserted and customized.

There is ‘One Click Demo Import’ support for our premium zen themes. That allows you to import demo content in your site (to look the same as our premium zen templates demos).

The appearing effect of the elements can be deactivated in order to suit your wishes.


No Additional Fees,

Pay Once and Use Unlimited Time for Unlimited Domains,

Free Lifetime Updates

License: GNU General Public License v2

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WooCommerce Compatibility, SEO Optimized Zen Templates, 100% Responsive
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Comparison between Free vs. Paid (Premium) Zen Themes


ZenWater (Free) ZenWaterPro (Premium)
One Click Demo Import – Import demo content, blocks, widgets and theme settings with one click! No Yes
Easy Installation and Setup Yes Yes
Latest WordPress Version Ready Yes Yes
Built-in Page navigation Yes Yes
Multi-Level Drop-Down Custom Menu Yes Yes
SEO Optimized Yes Yes
100% Responsive Zen Templates Yes Yes
HTML5 and CSS3 Yes Yes
Multiple Browsers Yes Yes
Threaded Comments Yes Yes
FontAwesome Icons Yes Yes
Built-in Slider Yes (up to 3 Slides, Displayed Only on a Static Front Page) Yes (up to 10 Slides, Additional Customizer Options, Displayed on a Static Front Page, Latest Posts, or All Website Pages)
100+ Admin Panel/Customizer Options No Yes
WooCommerce Integration No Yes
bbPress Integration No Yes
Custom Post Types: Testimonials, Projects, Customers No Yes
Built-in Lightbox No Yes
Custom Page Templates No Yes
Layout Options: Wide and Boxed No Yes
Custom Colors No Yes (Customizer Options to change Any Theme Color)
Customizable Homepage No Yes
Landing Page Templates No Yes
Built-in Breadcrumb No Yes
Posts and Pages Social Sharing No Yes
Author Information Boxes after Posts and Pages No Yes
Font Name (Google Fonts) and Font Size Customizer Options No Yes
NO Plugins Required (All Functionality is Built into the Theme) No Yes
10+ Widget Ready Areas, Block Components No Yes
Custom Posts Widgets No Yes
Social Sites Widgets No Yes
Facebook Like Box Widget No Yes
Recent Instagram Photos Widget No Yes
Google Maps Integration and Widget No Yes
Embed Vimeo Video Widget No Yes
Tabs Widget (Popular Posts, Recent Posts, Comments, Tags) No Yes
Translation Ready: .pot file included No Yes
Animations Appearing Effect Yes (only base functionality) Yes (additional Customizer Options to change animation options)
Mega Menu (Displayed on Desktop) No Yes
Footer Image Background Customizer No Yes

zenwaterpro-premium zen water wordpress theme by zentemplates

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In Christianity, holy water is considered a sacramental, a blessing, or a reminder of baptism. It is often used in religious rituals and is believed to have spiritual and physical benefits. The Catholic Church blesses holy water, which is then used for blessings, in the sacrament of baptism, and for the cleansing of spiritual impurities. The Eastern Orthodox Church also uses holy water in a similar manner, while in Protestant denominations it is used less frequently and in more symbolic ways.

In Christianity, water is often used as a symbol of love, purity, and renewal. In the Bible, Jesus refers to himself as the “Living Water,” offering spiritual sustenance and everlasting life to those who believe in him. Water is also associated with baptism, which signifies a spiritual cleansing and a new beginning in a person’s relationship with God.

In esoteric and occult beliefs, water is often seen as a symbol of the subconscious and the emotional realm, representing change, transformation, and the flow of energy. In these traditions, it is sometimes used in meditation and ritual to evoke emotions and purify the mind and spirit.

In any case, the symbolism of water in Christianity reflects its central role in the faith and the spiritual benefits it is believed to provide to those who receive it.

Baptism is a sacrament or rite of initiation in Christianity, and is considered a crucial step in one’s spiritual journey. It is typically performed by pouring or immersing water on a person’s head, symbolizing the washing away of sin and the granting of new life in Christ.

The exact origin and meaning of baptism can vary between different Christian denominations, but the act is generally seen as a symbol of rebirth and renewal, signifying a person’s entry into the Christian community and their commitment to following the teachings of Jesus.

Baptism is typically performed on infants, but many Christian denominations also offer baptism to adults who convert to the faith. In some traditions, baptism is done by full immersion in water, while in others it is done by pouring or sprinkling. Regardless of the method, baptism is considered an important step in one’s spiritual journey and is often celebrated as a joyful and meaningful event in the life of a Christian.

Holy water in Christianity is water that has been blessed or sanctified by a priest or bishop in the Catholic, Orthodox, or some Protestant denominations, and is used for various religious purposes such as blessings, the celebration of the sacrament of baptism, and the cleansing of spiritual impurities.

Zen water, on the other hand, is not a religious concept but is a practice in Zen Buddhism. Zen water refers to the simple and mindful act of pouring or observing water, typically as part of a meditation practice. The purpose of Zen water is to cultivate awareness, focus, and calm in the present moment, and to develop a deeper appreciation for the beauty and impermanence of life.

While both holy water and Zen water share the common element of water, they serve different purposes and are rooted in different spiritual traditions. Holy water is a sacramental in Christianity, while Zen water is a mindfulness practice in Buddhism.

One Click Demo Import, Easy Theme Customization
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